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We are a small family winery in Detzem, which is located at the heart of the beautiful Mosel – the Middlemosel.

All of our vines grow around our hometown with focus on the great vineyard side Maximiner Klosterlay.

The Maximiner Klosterlay is named after the Abbey St. Maximin in Trier, which was one of the leading wineries at the Mosel in the middle ages and was one of their best sides.

The core of our winery is our family: We are currently working with two generations in our vineyards: Klaus and Dorothee (our parents) and Julia and Daniela.



For us Winemaking is craft. As it is our goal to translate the unique terroir into the bottle it is crucial for us to be out in the vineyards every day and doing a lot of work by hand.

Being outside in the vineyards ourself, working with the vines and nature day by day, year by year, teaches us so much about our vines and gives us the most important hints how to deal with the different vintages. We believe that nature is the best teacher you can have. Therefore it is really important for us to observe it carefully and to do the work outside in the vineyards and not in the cellar.


Wine is our passion

Our aim is to bring more colour into this world. We want to produce wines that carry maximum authenticity: produced in respect with nature and with all our love and energy of that year.

We want all our customers to have a special experience and to feel and taste our unique terroir and be happy.

Quality pyramid

The origin of our wines, the location, the soil and the climate are decisive criteria for the quality of the wines.

We therefore divide our wines into

three stages:

estate winesterroir wines

and single vineyard wines.



Entwicklungsprogramm EULLE

Unser Unternehmen Weingut Alten erhält im Rahmen des vom Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau verwalteten rheinland-pfälzischen Entwicklungsprogramms "Umweltmaßnahmen, Ländliche Entwicklung, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung" (EULLE) durch den Europäischen Landwirschaftsfonds für die Entwicklung des ländlichen Raums (ELER) kofinanziert durch das Land, eine Förderung für seine Leistungen:


in der Agrar- und Klimamaßnahme:

Umweltschonender Steil- und Steilstlagenweinbau


Europäische Union

ELER: hier investiert Europa in die ländlichen Gebiete

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