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Welcome box

At the start you will receive a welcome box filled with: 

  • two delicious bottles of Souvignier Gris,

  • godfather wine glass,

  • and one Certificate of your vine.


​We label on siteyour vine with a personal shield.​

We plan events throughout the year (e.g. sponsor meetings, joint grape harvest) to which you will be exclusively invited.

As a vine sponsor you receive your own little Souvignier Gris vine with us in the vineyard, which enjoys a wonderful panoramic view over the Moselle.

You get access to our sponsorship forum, where we upload updates about your sponsored child. So you always stay up to date and need not on site to be.

You are also welcome to visit your vines in the vineyard at any time or accompany us during the work in the vineyard.

from €79


Vine sponsorship for 1 person


Vine sponsorship for 2 persons


+ a second godfather wine glass

89,- €

Lovingly packed 

We pack everything so that you can give it as a perfect gift.

If the package does not go directly to the godparents, we will pack it in such a way that you can pack it up nicely at home without any padding.

Perfect for wine lovers

We take you with us from the planting to the first yield of your vine. You can look behind the scenes and if you want, you can also be part of one or the other work and get involved. 

At our sponsor meetings you will get to know other wine enthusiasts and exchange ideas. 

location independent 

You don't need to be there. We always upload an update online in the sponsor forum, so you can stay up to date with what's going on. 

You are of course welcome to visit your little vine at any time.


give awaysomething special, something to enjoy for a long time - a small grapevine.


Because it's not just our welcome box that makes you happy when you open it - as a vine sponsor you also have the opportunityInteresting things to see about wine production up close andother wine enthusiasts at our sponsor meetingsget to know.

You have the optionstart date to choose for the sponsorship - such as adate of birth, wedding date or a special day. We send the package no later than two working days after the order. We can add another to the packagepersonal greeting card enclose.

Yourpersonal signage of the small vine will remain as long as the vineyard is there.

The vine sponsorship is just right for you if you...






Godfather of a young vine in the most beautiful growing area in the world, the Moselle.

Behind the scenes want to look at a winery and Interesting facts about viticulture and want to know everything that goes with it.

Part of a unique community want to become

want to accompany your vine as it grows.

your loved one a very special gift want to prepare.

  • Welche Weine sind in der Probe dabei?
    Chardonnay - trocken Felsenmelodie - Riesling feinherb Cuvé weiß - feinherb Riesling Kabinett - lieblich
  • Wann kann man die Wanderung immer machen?
    Ihr könnt die Weinwanderung machen wann immer ihr möchtet. Das Einzige was ihr beachten müsst, euch frühzeitig anzumelden. Am besten zwei Tage vorher, dann können wir euch noch rechtzeitig den Termin bestätigen.
  • Wo genau ist der Treffpunkt?
    Treffpunkt ist in unserem Weingut - Thörnicher Straße 9 54340 Detzem
  • Gibt es eine Busverbindung?
    Ja, gibt es. Unter der Woche fahren die Busse stündlich in Richtung Trier und Bernkastel. Am Wochenende fahren sie auch sehr regelmäßig. Die genauen Zeiten findet man unter
  • Wie lang ist die Route?
    Die Route geht ca. 2,5 - 3 Stunden.
  • Was muss ich sonst noch mitbringen?
    Zum Anschauen der Videos benötigt ein Smartphone oder auch ein Tablet. Natürlich könnt ihr noch Proviant und Wasser nach Bedarf einpacken.
  • Welches Schuhwerk sollte man tragen?
    Bequemes Schuhwerk, Sportschuhe reichen aus.
  • Wie lange dauern die Videos?
    Die Videos dauern zusammen knapp 20 Minuten.
  • Gibt es eine Parkmöglichkeit?
    Ihr könnt direkt bei uns auf dem Hof des Weingutes parken.
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